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Trauma during birth

What is meant by the term birth trauma?

A birth is said to be traumatic when a mother, father, or other witness believes the mother’s or her baby’s life was in danger, or that a serious threat to the mother’s or her baby’s physical or emotional integrity existed. Two common features of childbirth that also can make it potentially traumatizing are whether there was extreme pain or a sense of loss of control. Doctors often examine the physical health of women however rarely examine the emotional health of women after delivery. It is important to recognize that it is the woman’s perception that determines if the birth was traumatic, not whether clinical staff or caregivers agree . Even though physical injury to mother or baby often occurs during a traumatic birth, a birth can still be traumatic without a physical injury.

Many expect that after giving birth a new mom should feel overjoyed, as this is the happiest time in their lives. But what happens this isn’t the case? What happens when a new mom secretly asks herself, “Why don’t I feel like holding my baby?” and “I feel like I’m going crazy.” or even “Why am I having thoughts of hurting my baby?”

Some new mothers and even new fathers develop PTSD due to the childbirth experience. If you or your spouse are having difficulty handling the birth experience, feel traumatized as a result or aren't sure where to turn, I can help . Trauma counseling can be a safe and effective way of alleviating distress for parents after the birth. Counseling can help parents get back to themselves again and enjoy their new baby.