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About Me

My passion is helping those that have been traumatized by their past finally get past their emotional wounds and find relief from fear, depression and anxiety that has taken root. If you have had childhood traumas, a complicated or traumatic birth experience, or witnessing a violent event or the aftermath of such an event you know how much you can suffer long after the event has ended. I can help you find relief , even if you've been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or are wondering if you might have it.
For mothers like myself, managing the feelings of a traumatic birth experience can be overwhelming. Not everyone really gets it that events out of our control during pregnancy and birth can have a dramatic impact on the mother. Having had two children myself, and my own personal distressing experience, I get it and I know how to help.  I consider myself The Happy Mom Therapist because taking care of yourself emotionally is just as important as caring for your baby and I help moms do that.
If you are struggling, don't do so alone. You can't afford not to be at your emotional best.

A little about me...
In my 17 years counseling, I have seen many people struggling to find relief. Ironically, my clients have taught me the most about how to  help them. It also helps that I am a fully trained in EMDR Therapy, an evidenced based treatment for trauma. I have seen great success in a short amount of time through using EMDR. My experience working with victims of sexual abuse and foster children also made me want to permanently change the damage that had been done for my clients. I reflected on this permanent change in one client's trauma experience in the chapter I wrote in the book Limitless Possibilities: Stories of Hope and Change

I am a qualified clinical supervisor and help other counselors develop their expertise. I was also the President of the Mental Health Counselors Association of Palm Beach County for 3 years. I attended Palm Beach Atlantic University where I received both a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am married and have two children and have Christian based values.